1. The Foundation3DAO is governed SOLELY by the holders of the Sui Founders Club NFT Collection.

  2. Respect and act according to the result of every proposal.

  3. Don't do anything you don't like being done to you.

Governing Process

  1. ONlY SFC holder can initiate a proposal

  2. ONLY SFC holder can participate in voting

  3. The proposal publicity period is 7 days

  4. The proposal should be submitted in a fixed format

  5. There is no minimum number of votes for the proposal

Proposal Format:
Title: A proposal
Type: Generic
Proposer: 10xhunter
Start Date: YYYY-MM-DD
End Date: YYYY-MM-DD
Link: Discussion link

Budgets And Distribution(if there are any):
Key Results:


We use a two-tier structure where only the holders of the Sui Founders Club(SFC) have voting rights.

At the same time, we also have internal tokens FoundationCoin(FDC), FDCs can only be generated from work/staking SFC.

Invited/selected DAO members will get a fixed monthly FDC distribution. Holders of the Sui Founders Club NFT can also earn FDC through staking SFC. SFC can be used to mint the Sui Founders Club NFT when available.

The Sui Founders Club is distributed as follows:

5%(500): 10xhunter(Initiator)

35%(3500): FDC mint pool

30%(3000): Swap for Sui projects' tokens, 1% for each project

30%(3000): On Sale, 10,000 Sui per NFT

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